Starting a new business is never easy. When I started Origin Design my objective was to provide the absolute best possible solution to any design problem. My tool of choice for 3D CAD was Pro/ENGINEER and for Finite Element Analysis (FEA), it was Pro/MECHANICA. Business was going good, in fact it was going too good. Pro/ENGINEER was catching on very quickly with many product design firms because of its capabilities of being able to build complex forms and shapes. The work was coming in faster than I ever expected. I had hired several engineers to help with the workload which worked out well for the simple designs, the problem I had was being able to deliver the more complex projects to my industrial design clients.

One of my first clients was Hauser Inc. Hauser Inc. was one of the largest industrial design firms in the country. They recruited the best industrial designers and engineers I’ve ever worked with. One particular project they hired me to work on required more than one engineer, luckily for me, Hauser Inc. was hiring a new engineer who happened to be an expert in mechanisms. This new hire was Bill Conley.

Over the next several years, Bill and I did collaborate on more than a few projects at Hauser Inc... One day I was thinking about what my original objective when starting Origin Design. That was to provide the absolute best possible solution to any design problem. Adding Bill to my organization would solve a lot of these problems.  In 1998 Bill became a member of Origin Design.

“success is measured by hard work and learning from failure.”

— Rodger Thomason