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Origin Design founded in 1989 by Rodger Thomason, is a complete product design consulting firm ready to take your new idea into production ready reality. Our innovative approach to problem solving is second to none in the field of design and engineering services industry. We demonstrate a team not only dedicated to you and your project, but a team that is capable of providing the road-map necessary to get your product design on the path to success. Origin Design offers a diverse approach to concept development and utilizes their own real-world engineering experience giving you a leg up to streamline your design cycle. This saves you both time and money. Our “make it simple” thinking works for any project you have in mind ensuring when you’re ready to launch production the transition from concept to prototype to production is smooth.

Developing any new product essentially is the same as coming up with a new invention. This takes time, and time is money. To streamline this concern, Origin Design implemented Pro/ENGINEER 3D CAD and Pro/MECHANICA Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools for all of their design and analysis projects. This was an expensive decision, but it did pay off because Origin Design is able to produce accurate 3D CAD models along with explicit FEA results.  

The real magic at Origin Design happens in their shop. They being skilled machinists and fabricators, allows them to take their 3D CAD models and turn them into reality.

“We build what we design to prove that it can work”

                             -ORIGIN DESIGN